Thieves of Bagdad

Thieves of Bagdad You are one of the most respected merchants in Bagdad and you need to find a birthday present for the Grand Vizier. While so doing, you wander around the beautiful city of Bagdad trying to collect the most complete combination of gems. To assemble them, you will have to make use of your talents in Bargaining, Negotiation, and Diplomacy and you might get into situations where outright theft is unavoidable.


  • 1 mounted game board
  • 80 cards
  • 6 purses
  • 2 counter sheets
  • 20 plastic gems
  • 1 babooch
  • 1 rule book including two pages of examples<
  • 3-6 players, ages 10 and up
  • Playing time: 90 minutes

Price: $43.95

Domestic Orders (USA, but not PA)
$43.95 (incl. 10% S&H)

Domestic Orders (PA only, incl. 6% sales tax)
$46.34 (incl. 10% S&H)

Canadian Orders
$47.94 (incl. 20% S&H)

Rest of the World
$51.94 (incl. 30% S&H)

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