Real Weapons:
A Landships! Expansion Module


REAL WEAPONS will be the final module in the award winning Landships! design. Unlike the first two, Real Weapons focuses on the major developments in war technology from 1936-41. During this small slice of time, major technological changes occurred to tanks and aircraft. This module will use the maps from both Landships! and Infernal Machines, but adds an additional 200+ counters (covering the BF109, Ju87, HEIII, T26B, BT5, BA 10, CV35, T34A, Pz I, PzIl, and PzIll to name but a few new weapons), a map section of its own, and new rules to cover the new technology. The game system uses a new, more intricate system to simulate modern aircraft and armor.

The scenarios, like in the previous games, are the heart of the matter. Like its predecessor, they are based on historical battles. Here, for the first time, the Spanish Civil War receives a long-overdue focus, with numerous scenarios involving tanks and the dreaded 88L56 multipurpose gun. Also covered are: The Finnish War; Zhukov in the Far East; the first encounters of the Germans with the KV-1 and T34A in 1941; the French in 1940 Indochina,; the Campaign for France in 1940; and Panzers in Norway.


  • 1 double sided 11 x 17 geomorphic map
  • 1 color countersheet containing 280 counters
  • historical commentary
  • scenarios and expansion rules


Cost: P300 $22, after release $27

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