Harpoon Naval Review - 1997

The Cold War is now over, so the world's navies seek to revamp their fleets and plan for the future. For some this means looking toward old rivalries, while others try to take advantage of the power vacuum left by the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Harpoon Naval Review brings these situations to life with detailed scenarios set in the Baltic and Aegean Seas to the South Pacific and Indian Oceans. Also included is a random scenario generator plus "State of the Fleet" articles describing current naval events for several nations, along with over 60 ship and aircraft forms for the each of the scenarios. Requires ownership of Harpoon 4 to use.

Price: $24.20

Domestic Orders (USA, but not PA)
$24.20 (incl. 10% S&H)

Domestic Orders (PA only, incl. 6% sales tax)
$25.52 (incl. 10% S&H)

Canadian Orders
$26.40 (incl. 20% S&H)

Rest of the World
$28.60 (incl. 30% S&H)

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