The Campaigns of King David

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The Campaigns of King David cover the 35 years struggle for supremacy of the fertile crescent during the Old Testament reign of Judah's King David.

Using a unique system that incorporates economics, diplomacy and military operations, players maneuver combat units and leaders over a full color map of the Near East and have a limited number of turns to determine victory!

With 15 Action Phase Chits to choose from, each turn is unique as players deal with the twists and turns of fate - ensuring no two games are ever the same. Players mys husband their resources to maintain their field armies, build and re-equip units, fortify cities and wage war through leaders who command chariots, phalanxes and militia.

Will Judeah expand its territory under the direction of a great king? Or will it collapse beneath the might of Philistia, Aramea and Egypt? Condemned to the drifting sands of obscurity? You decide...


  • Rules booklet;
  • One 22" x 34" full color, period-style maps;
  • 500 5/8" counters, on three sheets;
  • Cardstock charts &Player aids;
  • Dice necessary for game play;
  • Game play is 3 to 6 hours;
  • For 2 to 5 players.

Price: $55.00

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Domestic Orders (USA, but not PA)
$55.00 (incl. 10% S&H)

Domestic Orders (PA only, incl. 6% sales tax)
$58.00 (incl. 10% S&H)

Canadian Orders
$60.00 (incl. 20% S&H)

Rest of the World
$65.00 (incl. 30% S&H)


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